PreCalculatOre v1.5.0

PreCalculatOre is a combined process and cost modelling tool to assess the potential economic benefits of applying surface-based ore pre-concentration techniques at a mine or deposit.

Fugitive Dust Best Practices Manual Guidance Documents

The contents of these documents are based on current Ontario regulations and guidance materials published at the time these documents were prepared. Since government regulations and guidelines are periodically updated, it is recommended that users of these materials ensure that the current regulations and guidelines are being followed by checking the Ontario Ministry of the Environment website

Structural Geology Guidelines Manual for use in burst-prone underground mines

This manual is intended to provide guidelines for improving current levels of structural geologic data collection and evaluation in rockburst-prone areas in underground mines. It should help geologists and engineers in these mines (or planned mines) to better work together to understand and interpret rock mass conditions associated with faulting and fault slip type seismicity and the impact they can have on underground mine design and planning.