CEMI plays a leadership role in developing step-change innovation by providing a management interface between the mining industry in Ontario, academia, SMEs and service providers. These are the crossroads where industry knowledge, imagination and expertise exist to provide scientific advances, new ideas as well as the know-how, essential to turn ideas into workable solutions that can be implemented. CEMI’s role is to engage with collaborators who have demonstrated excellence in their field, delivering innovation while helping to ensure that collaborators meet their individual measures of success.

SNOLAB is delighted to be partnering CEMI on the MODCC and UDMN projects, where the application of data management techniques used within astroparticle physics may afford new insights into rock mass studies. The developing connections between these two leading innovation groups will provide new opportunities which will benefit the local mining communities, and further strengthen the reputation of Sudbury as a major research centre.
Nigel Smith Director, SNOLAB


CEMI Patrons recognize that to accomplish step-change innovation, there has to be support for an organization to play a critically important intermediary role between industry, academic researchers and other innovators. CEMI Patrons include Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations,
Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations–A Glencore Company, Vale, Laurentian University, the Ontario Government, and Rio Tinto. Each of these CEMI Patrons, innovators in their own merit, understand that innovation is a managed process. They know that it cannot be developed with short timelines or as a linear process without some diversions along the way. The Patrons rely on CEMI to manage their effort towards step-change innovation, mitigate the impact of incidental failures and to learn from them to open new avenues of investigation towards future success.


CEMI Sponsors are those organizations that recognize the need to make significant investments in order to influence major changes in the way their business operates. They acknowledge that supporting university researchers and innovative SMEs is crucial for creating innovative solutions. They help create an industry that offers dynamic and rewarding careers to the engineers, scientists and technicians of tomorrow. And they recognize the importance of providing support to projects in cash and in kind, that allows their financial investment in research to be leveraged to obtain additional funding from government agencies. CEMI Sponsors are committed to
initiating and developing research programs that address the broader needs of the industry as part of collaborative projects, and are actively involved with projects on mine sites, working with academic researchers and innovators from the mine services community to investigate alternative approaches and implement possible solutions.

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