Building Human Capital – Investing in Students

CEMI strongly believes in developing and nurturing future generations of researchers and highly qualified personnel within the mining industry. We work with research institutions in Ontario, across Canada and around the world, engaging engineers and scientists in a range of technical disciplines in order to help the mining industry address the challenges it faces today for future economic development.

A Collaborative Approach:

The establishment of Dr. Richard Smith as the Industrial Research Chair in Exploration Geophysics (geophysical data sets, property access) was the result of funding and in-kind support through CEMI, NSERC and four industry partners—Vale, Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations – A Glencore Company, KGHM and Wallbridge Mining. A total of ten students (4 PhD; 2 MSc; 4 MSc candidates, 3 summer students) are currently working under the supervision of Dr. Smith. Five students are now working in industry partner offices with unprecedented access to properties, workshop facilities, boreholes, previous datasets, and geophysical expertise, allowing them to develop and contribute papers, theses and conference abstracts in
their areas of study.

Richard Smith's students present project updates to industry sponsors

Richard Smith’s students present project updates to industry sponsors

Investing in Students:

By year-end 2013, CEMI will have contributed to a combined 233 years of graduate-student development in exploration and mining related sectors. 104 students are expected to graduate by the end of the 2013/14 academic year. CEMI currently collaborates with over 35 professors and more than 20 undergraduate, 44 masters students (MSc), 33 PhD students and 7 postdoctoral fellows working on CEMI’s research projects.

Total Students

HQP Development:

To date, through various innovation projects including the SUMIT collaboration, CEMI is funding work with 25 colleges, technical institutions and universities in Canada and around the world. Some of these include: Acadia University; Université Laval; Queen’s University; University of Toronto; University of Waterloo; Laurentian University; Ryerson University; Delft University of Technology; the University of British Columbia in Canada; Dalian University in China; Federal Technical University of Zurich; Camborne School of Mines at the University of Exeter; and Universidade Federal da Paraiba in Brazil. CEMI plans to expand these relationships to other universities in Canada and internationally, at Colorado School of Mines (US), and with Australian researchers in Perth and Melbourne.

HQP Development

2nd Annual SUMIT (Smart Underground Monitoring and Integrated Technologies) Researcher Workshop

In April, CEMI hosted its second Annual SUMIT Researcher Workshop in Kingston. The objective of the workshop was for researchers and their students to provide status updates on their current projects, timing and location of experiments, work completed, and planned projects. The discussions allowed for collaboration, identification of potential synergies, and opportunities to optimize research outcomes. It also allowed for test site owners to gain a common understanding of SUMIT and re-affirm the value of their work to the industry.