CEMI has always recognized that collaboration is a critical success factor in the achievement of any innovation, and especially in mining given the long lead times (3-5 years) and need for convergence of different disciplines. CEMI engages with collaborators from all sectors with the agility and mindset to deliver innovation success.

CEMI Clients

Mining Industry: Relies on CEMI to focus and manage efforts towards step-change innovation, while mitigating the impact of incidental failures and try using them to open new avenues of investigation toward future success. CEMI works with Industry in two ways. The first, directly with a specific mining company, as an extension of their internal research effort and provide potentially unconventional ideas through applied research and the process of system design to arrive at practical solutions for implementation into operations. The second is when industry collectively identifies a problem that requires a solution and provides some overall direction. This approach allows the sharing of resources, costs, knowledge and solutions, as well as lowering investor risk. It takes advantage of CEMI’s ability to guide the direction, priority and access to additional funding for the industry collaborators as a whole.

Mining Supply and Service Companies: Partner with CEMI to overcome constraints on size and resources and obtain assistance in developing, refining or demonstrating innovative solutions for the mining industry. CEMI, through the IPO can help in filling the resource gaps by providing technical and business guidance, facilitate complementary partnerships and research as well as help sort through the barriers to commercialization. For SMEs the benefits are clear—the opportunity to grow and develop their businesses.



Research Institutions: Essential to the viable development of innovation is knowledge. Research institutions and universities are indispensible to the development of knowledge, a requisite component for innovation. They have proven intellectual rigour, important to the innovation process. With CEMI’s ability to manage cross-functional teams and with the ability to support the essential iterative knowledge-building process, the ensuing collaboration can bring viable solutions and knowledge that can be utilized within a technology.


Government Institutions: Innovation development results in clear economic benefits such as job creation, industry development & growth, social stability, knowledge development and the potential for a more robust economy. Governments are able to leverage their funds through industry partnerships through CEMI, which can be managed in a streamlined and efficient manner.