BizMine: Commercialization

Deliver Business Cases & Commercialization Services


Market acceptance of innovation is demonstrated through its commercialization, the achievement of operational integration into the day-to-day mining operations. CEMI has been supporting the development of commercialization with various organizations, including service and supply companies and other technology providers since 2013 through the Innovation & Prosperity Office (IPO).

CEMI Clients

BizMine programs and projects will concentrate on the business aspects of mining innovation. It will complement the four technical themes that have been the core of CEMI’s activities, by providing support for the business development initiatives and activities with various innovation partners to help ensure successful acceptance of an innovation. The activities that will fall within BizMine relate not to the development of the innovation, but to aid in the market acceptability of the innovation. CEMI is hosting one of the most dynamic examples of this, a national business led NCE, the Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN).

The primary objective of BizMine is the analysis of the cost-benefit factors of any technical innovation in concert with the financial & management services CEMI delivers through the IPO.